DNA Research


DNA research

A DNA test can reveal important things. In a kinship investigation, DNA testing is a reliable, forensic method that clearly puts the facts on the table. For example, if you want to know if your father is actually the biological father. You can sign up for a television program and throw all personal information on the street, you can also opt for a more honest method through Edelhardt Recherchebureau.

How does a DNA test work?

Each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of which comes from the biological mother and the other half from the biological father. In a kinship test, specific DNA sequences are examined for multiple chromosomes. This results in a genetic blueprint that is unique to everyone, we call this the DNA profile. A biological relationship can be established by comparing these DNA profiles.

Reliability of a DNA test

Edelhardt Recherchebureau cooperates with reliable partners who carry out various DNA tests on assignment. In a kinship test, the number of “markers” determines the reliability of the DNA test. A minimum of 6 markers is needed to perform a reliable test, in practice the number is between 6 and 16 DNA markers. A highly reliable result can be achieved by examining the DNA of the father, mother and child.

Where to find DNA

In the most favorable case the people are available to take a DNA sample, this is usually cheek mucus. No needles are used. It is of course also possible that the person in question is not available. In that case, the specialists at Edelhardt Investigation Agency can conduct a forensic investigation in which consumer items such as hair, toothbrushes, handkerchiefs and other objects with DNA material are collected. When it is possible to isolate the DNA, its reliability is equivalent to a cheek mucus sample.

Play on sure

Not everyone knows for sure whether his / her parents are indeed the biological parents. There are also parents who doubt the kinship of their children. Perhaps a mistake was made in the hospital. There are cases where a woman wrongly claims that a man is the father. Take away all doubts and have a DNA test carried out. There are many reasons in which a kinship study can provide a definitive answer. In addition to the emotional aspect, financial matters can also play a role. Is a person responsible for bearing certain costs? Is a child entitled to alimony or other financial compensation?

When stalking and threatening a DNA test can also be an effective tool. When there is a threat from close by, the origin of the threat can be determined through forensic investigation. DNA is not always the definitive proof, it is a reliable indicator and can reduce the number of options with which a case can be resolved more quickly. In cases of stalking, threats and defamation, fast and professional action is of great importance. Retrieve the bottom stone with a DNA test.

Edelhardt criminal investigation agency is your partner in forensic investigation, we are in contact with leading DNA investigation agencies. Please contact us for more information about DNA testing.