Corruption and bribes


Corruption And Bribes

Within the company it can be rewarding to give employees certain favors or to receive favors. Sometimes the favors are not pure on the degree. In some sectors this type of practice is rare or nonexistent, in other industries it is the order of the day.

Corruption can penetrate deep into the company. Bribes can persuade people to perform abusive practices . Matters concerning corruption and bribes are unfortunately all too common and they also get regular press. Because corruption can penetrate deep into the organization, it is often very difficult to trace the rotten apples. By conducting research into corruption, you not only gain more insight into how corruption and bribes work, you also learn how to combat and prevent such practices. Edelhardt Recherchebureau helps to prevent corruption within the organization and to detect malicious cases.

There are various methods that we use to expose corruption, including administrative investigations and forensic investigations.

Administrative Investigation

Figures do not lie, but they can be manipulated. In administrative investigations , both digital and paper files are investigated, looking for inconsistencies, errors and missing data. The human factor must certainly not be missing in this type of research to correctly interpret the available information.

Forensic investigation

Corrupt employees leave traces behind, at Edelhardt Recherchebureau we trace them, wherever they may be and no matter how well they may be concealed. It is important to proceed accurately without triggering alarm bells. Corruption is often an ongoing process, a subtle approach is required.


When corruption is detected and a suspect or several suspects are discovered, these persons are confronted with this on the basis of our findings. All evidence is collected, insightfully documented and archived as well as communication with the suspects. The result is an extensive report that you can use to start an employment law procedure.

Bribe investigation

It can seem so harmless , a nice gift or a nice promotional gift.
The dividing line between a well-intended attention and a bribe may be unclear, which is why it is so important to prevent bribes. Prevention starts with a clear integrity code within the organization. This code contains an integrity statement that is signed by all employees. Although a signature offers no guarantee against misconduct, it does send a clear signal to the employees and everyone is aware of the frameworks that are set.

If you suspect that there are employees within your organization who accept bribes , you can count on the specialists at Edelhardt Recherchebureau . Our experienced investigators use modern methods to get all the information down to the smallest detail. All findings are extensively documented and presented as an insightful report. This report can be used as evidence in employment or civil proceedings.

Prevent corruption and bribes within your organization. The mere appearance of such practices can cause enormous damage to a company, both financially and in terms of image and trust to the outside world.