Mystery guest and mystery shopper


Mystery Guest And Mystery Shopper

You cannot monitor all your employees every day and check whether they perform all work according to protocol. In principle, this is also not necessary within an organization where a clear communication plan has been drawn up and where staff receive clear instructions on how to deal with customers and visitors. Of course you want to keep your finger on the pulse. Do the staff members adhere to the established rules regarding safety and quality? Do they offer sufficient service to customers? Are the employees service-oriented and do they respond to the wishes of the customer? These are relevant questions to which Edelhardt Recherchebureau offers the answer through our Mystery guest and Mystery shopper .

Look From The Outside In

It is not enough to have the branch manager or another employee assess the situation, employees can sometimes present themselves with two faces. A Mystery guest or Mystery shopper is an external person who has no connection with the organization.
This offers an uninhibited perspective: the staff reacts differently than in the presence of the supervisor. The Mystery guest or Mystery shopper works according to a predetermined script that is tailor-made based on the questions within the organization.

Do Employees Adhere To The Safety Rules?

Safety in the workplace is of great importance for both visitors and staff. Unsafe behavior can lead to unnecessary sick leave , dangerous situations and lawsuits for negligence. A Mystery guest or Mystery shopper knows the potential dangers and observes whether all safety protocols are complied with and where improvement points are offered to further optimize safety.

Is The Presentation Of The Employees Correct?

Staff members who come into contact with customers or visitors act as a calling card for the organization. In addition to a clear dress code with do’s and don’ts, it is important that all employees have the right appearance that meets the standards and values ​​of your organization. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, hygiene and safety also play a role in this check by the Mystery guest or Mystery shopper.

Are My Clients Being Treated Correctly?

A satisfied customer returns. Good service and communication is crucial when dealing with customers. Are customers being answered quickly or are the staff bored at the counter? Are tricky questions adequately answered or is the staff reluctant? The Mystery guest or Mystery shopper from Edelhardt Recherchebureau receives clear instructions for the behavioral pattern and can work both observing and confronting.

Mystery Guest And Mystery Shopper Is Custom Work

GNo company is the same. The requirements from the organization are clearly mapped out in advance. The correct approach is determined on the basis of the requirements. The Mystery guest or Mystery shopper behaves according to the work plan and then issues a comprehensive and substantiated report . It is up to the client to determine how the results are further processed. The specialists at Edelhardt Recherchebureau can offer assistance with the analysis and provide advice based on knowledge in the sector and experience. The follow-up procedure is also important; how are staff informed of the results and what are the learning moments of this study?

Ultimately, deploying a Mystery shopper or Mystery guest should lead to an improvement that benefits both customers and staff.

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