Abuses and irregularities


Abuses and irregularities

In every organization where many employees are active every day, mistakes are made. Staff members can do something wrong, colleagues can have communication problems, there are regular problems or conflicts with customers or suppliers. Something goes wrong every day. Often this can be solved thanks to clear protocols within the organization. With abuses and irregularities the problems go deeper than the surface. We speak of issues that can cause a knock-on effect, situations that can penetrate deeper and deeper into the organization and to major problemscan lead. It is important to respond quickly and adequately to this, but they must first be identified. Edelhardt Recherchebureau helps you to detect, resolve and eliminate abuses and irregularities.

How to deal with abuses and irregularities

There are a number of steps that need to be followed when resolving abuses and irregularities. By working with a clear step-by-step plan, the solution is quicker.

STEP 1. Identify a problem

The larger the company, the more difficult it can be to separate reports of abuse from the noise within the organization. By establishing clear protocols, employees can report (anonymously) possible abuses and irregularities. The reports are then recorded and evaluated. In addition to incoming signals, Edelhardt Recherchebureau can also detect irregularities within the organization. Eyes from the outside often see more than from the inside.

STEP 2. Investigate the indications

The incoming signals and observations can be mapped through the establishment of a fact-finding investigation. Rumors can be harmful to a company, the facts must be revealed. An investigation of the facts may show that there are no abuses or irregularities, that can stop rumors. Evidence can also be found that links up with the signals, so that the problem situation can be clearly mapped out and we can get started with solutions. It
is crucial to remove doubt for both management and employees.

STEP 3. Resolve the abuses or irregularities

The investigation shows whether there are abuses and irregularities and where these are located within the organization. Employees may be invited for a personal interview or sanctions or even legal proceedings are required. In any case, it is important to respond quickly and accurately to signals and to take action based on factual information. The company is like a timepiece with countless cogs that have to fit perfectly together to keep the mechanism operating. Irregularities must be removed and preferably as quickly as possible.

The result of this process

At the end of this process you have an accurate overview of the state of affairs within the organization. In addition, the specialists at Edelhardt Recherchebureau will advise you on the correct course of action and next steps. Of course you will also be advised how such situations can be prevented in the future.
Abuses and irregularities cannot always be clearly defined, which can make it difficult to detect and act effectively. Edelhardt
Recherchebureau would like to give you more insight into these issues, contact us for a free information meeting.