Family And Children


Family and children

The love for your family members is paramount. That is why you want parents, children and other family members to live a happy life and not fall victim to scammers , criminals or to temptations such as drugs and alcohol. Protecting your family requires a delicate approach, too much interference can lead to conflicts and that is the last thing you want. Then Edelhardt investigation can offer a solution. We will keep an eye on you, ensure that your family members are safe, so that you can go to bed with peace of mind in the evening.

Protect your family

There are several situations in which an investigation into the well-being of your family members can save a lot of suffering. For example, consider these scenarios:

Does my child use drugs?

Your child grows up, the time of riding a horse on your leg is over. As children grow up, they are exposed to many temptations, well-intentioned advice is dismissed and hard intervention only increases the distance between you and your children. If you suspect that your child is in the wrong circles and may fall prey to unreliable people, it is good that someone is keeping an eye on things. Edelhardt detective agency can discreetly shadow your children and find out who your children are dealing with. Play on safe, call in our detectives.

Are my parents in safe hands?

Your parents have protected and cared for you for a long time. Now it’s time to watch over your parents. When a parent becomes in need of help, people can come to the floor who are not always reliable. Comments from your parents make you feel worried, signals are not picked up by the right authorities. Play on safely and have the caretakers screen and check. You want your parents to get the best care that is possible, do not let anyone abuse the goodness of your parents.

How is…?

Have your brothers, sisters, cousins ​​and ends up well? Unfortunately, there are always family members who become alienated from the rest, due to unpleasant circumstances, arguments or outside influences. You want to protect your family, but a direct approach can backfire and increase the distance between family members. Call in Edelhardt investigation office for a thorough investigation of your family members. Don’t give vultures a chance to steal family property and keep the family together as a unit. You are stronger with the evidence that our specialists collect.

Discreet acting in family matters

Taking action yourself is not always appreciated. A professional with distance is then a good solution. Prevent a breach of trust and let the experts at Edelhardt detective agency perform the detective work. That leads to tangible results and keeps the family together.

Our specialists perform thorough research based on your wishes. After the investigation, an insightful investigation report will be prepared. We can also advise on the correct next steps, taking into account family relationships. Discretion is the key word here. Even when the authorities are involved, we are happy to give advice on the right approach and we collect useful evidence.

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