Investigations Abroad


Investigations abroad

There may be issues that cause unrest and tension, often these occur in the immediate living or working environment.

Yet it is matters at a distance that often cause the greatest frustration. When an issue occurs abroad , it is not easy to respond immediately. A problem can cross physical, cultural and legal boundaries. Finding a starting point abroad can be an impossible task full of obstacles. Yet giving up is not an option. In such a case, it is good to know that Edelhardt Investigation Agency can also conduct investigations abroad on your behalf, in close cooperation with foreign partners and authorities.

Physical limits

When an issue arises in America, it is not just possible to book a flight the same day. For example in the case of identity fraud or fraud . At Edelhardt Recherchebureau we have contacts all over the world, we can engage eyes and ears everywhere to conduct research abroad.

Cultural boundaries

Every country has its own character and culture, which makes the world diverse and challenging. When there is a cross-border situation , the difference in culture can be a major obstacle. Where can you go to resolve a dispute? Do people cooperate with the goodness of their heart or does money have to be put on the table? Don’t let an investigation into one cross-border problem result in a list of scams and intimidation .

Legal limits

When a legal problem occurs abroad, local legislation must be taken into account . Is the violation committed in the Netherlands or abroad? Who has the jurisdiction and which laws apply to the case? In addition to a Dutch lawyer, a foreign lawyer can also prove to be indispensable.

Language limits

The language limit is a very obvious limitation for research abroad. Communication abroad can be very complicated in another language area. Where necessary, Edelhardt detective agency works with translators, both in writing and orally. Important documents can be translated by sworn translators for use in legal proceedings.

Working from an international network

Edelhardt detective agency knows from experience that crime knows no boundaries. In the case of abductions, theft, extortion or scam, national borders can be used as a cover. That is why we work closely with international agencies , investigation services and local authorities . Our services do not stop at the border, we conduct research where necessary, also abroad.

When collecting evidence should be taken into account by national and international law . When cross-border criminal activities take place, we will have the relevant legislation reviewed. We provide customized solutions and provide you with substantiated advice.

Cross-border issues give a sense of powerlessness. The team of Edelhardt investigation agency helps you in difficult times thanks to a worldwide network of specialists. Our services extend beyond the border with Belgium and Germany, we fight injustice wherever it may occur in the world.