Insurance fraud general


Investigation into insurance fraud

As a society, we contribute a lot of money to insurance. This way, high costs are avoided if something should go wrong. A logical system where the large mass covers the costs for the individual. Unfortunately, there are people and companies who abuse this. They see insurance as a savings account where they can grab the pot if they wish. If you suspect that customers are guilty of insurance fraud , it is advisable to have a thorough investigation carried out. Edelhardt criminal investigation agency is your partner in combating insurance fraud .

Types of insurance fraud

There are different ways of insurance fraud, these are some forms that often occur:

Theft fraud

A theft is no fun. In addition to the loss of valuable items, both personal and financial, theft can also have a major emotional impact. For example, when someone has invaded the home, that is a frightening thought. It can be very tempting to raise the size of the theft a little. An item that is slightly more expensive than in reality, the size of the stolen stock, some “stolen” items may have been sold through the back door. Theft fraud is common among both individuals and businesses. Through a thorough investigation of Edelhardt investigation, the truth emerges.

Fraud in the event of destruction

There are a few gaps, invisible culprits who destroy everything and cause great damage. Yet an accident is sometimes in a small corner, or the insurance is just a little more interesting than investing yourself. Has the destruction on the insurance papers been filled in truthfully? A forensic investigation or trace investigation by
Edelhardt investigation can offer a solution in this case. Naturally, a discrete working method according to your standards is always the starting point.

Personal injury

The comedy cliché of the man who has his arm in plaster with a bandage around his head is actually not to laugh with, injury damage can have a major impact on the life of a victim. These types of issues can also result in very high costs for an insurer. If there is any doubt about the origin of the injury or its impact, it may be advisable to have this type of physical injury investigated.

Don’t let the fraudsters walk

Every insurer has in-house experts who carry out investigations in the event of suspicion of insurance fraud . If the number of suspected cases is too large, or if certain specialisms are involved, Edelhardt Investigation Agency can assist you with a thorough investigation in which we work according to your standards and values. We use the expertise and capacity of our organization to remove doubt and to detect fraudsters. Of course we work with qualified personnel with the right certifications, we always act according to the privacy code . In addition to testing the statement of the insured, we also conduct active research to detect falsehoods. By documenting all facts and according to protocolGathering evidence is stronger and you can detect and reduce insurance fraud.

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