Alimony Investigation


When do I have a maintenance investigation carried out?

Alimony testing is sometimes necessary, because divorce is not a pleasant phase in your life. On the one hand you want to continue your life, on the other hand a lot needs to be arranged. When children are involved, it becomes even more complicated.

Eventually you will both pick up the thread and move on with your life. When alimony is awarded, it is based on the current situation. When there are changes in the personal situation of the maintenance recipient, the amount of the maintenance may change. If you suspect that a change has taken place that leads to a reduction in partner alimony, you can choose to have Edelhardt criminal investigation agency conduct an alimony investigation.

Alimony investigation

If you suspect that the living conditions of your former partner have changed but you do not receive feedback, an alimony investigation can be a solution, with the aim of obtaining an alimony reduction. After a divorce, the maintenance amount is recorded in the divorce agreement. The amount of this amount is determined by the court. When the income of the former partner changes, or when he or she starts living together, this has consequences for the amount of alimony. Edelhardt detective agency can carry out investigations into your former partner and check whether the living situation has changed.

Burden of proof in maintenance

According to Article 1: 160 of the Dutch Civil Code, the obligation to pay partner alimony lapses if there is:

  1. An affective relationship
  2. A relationship that is of a lasting nature
  3. A relationship where the divorced spouse and the other person take care of each other
  4. A relationship where the people live together
  5. A relationship where the people run a common household

Although the expiry of the maintenance obligation requires that all these conditions are met, there are no set criteria for these rules. A thorough investigation of the facts with a burden of proof is therefore essential when starting legal proceedings. Edelhardt detective agency can be of service with this.

How does alimony research work?

First of all, we will talk to you about the situation and the conditions in the divorce agreement. You then state why you suspect that something has changed in the situation of your former partner. Our private detectives can start working with this information. Hereby evidence is collected that supports your suspicions. Of course it also happens that your suspicions are unfounded, you will also be sure about that.

It often concerns a suspicion that the former partner has a new employment relationship or lives together with a new partner. It is then assessed whether it concerns a common household and whether it appears to be a lasting relationship. If there is a changed situation, evidence is collected for this that can later be used in a court case.

In an alimony investigation, the specialists at Edelhardt Recherchebureau naturally adhere to all legal regulations, conditions and privacy codes of conduct. Of course you don’t want to get into trouble afterwards. Collecting good evidence is of great importance, the decision to reduce alimony will ultimately be pronounced by the judge. The specialists at Edelhardt work meticulously with respect for all involved. Confrontations are avoided, all the evidence is obtained in a legally responsible manner. We leave nothing to chance.

Alimony investigation and a lawyer

We always recommend that you consult a lawyer before submitting a request for alimony reduction to the court. You can choose your current lawyer, at Edelhardt we can also select a specialized lawyer who is affiliated with our organization.

An alimony arrangement must be fair to both parties. If you suspect that your former partner is not saying anything, Edelhardt Recherchebureau can assist you with an alimony investigation. For more information, contact us without obligation.