Missing And Wanted People


Missing and wanted people

On television there are various programs where family members meet again after years or even decades. Long lost fathers, mothers and children being reunited, wanted people.

Outright tear-jerkers and viewing-number guns, we don’t get to see the world behind this hour of entertainment. Yet it often happens that wanted persons or people who are missing do not always want to be found for various reasons. For example, a person who left with the northern sun to stay out of sight of you as a creditor. Or a former partner who does not want to meet the maintenance obligation . In these cases, we can help you locate the people you are looking for, with which you are more likely to collect your money or restore relationships. At Edelhardt criminal investigation we do not limit ourselves to national borders and we also look for missing and wanted people outside the Netherlands.

How can we find missing persons?

There are various methods we use to trace missing or wanted persons , the approach depends on the situation. First of all, we will enter into a discussion with you to identify all the facts and to include all clues in the action plan. This step-by-step plan offers possibilities for tracing the missing person quickly and efficiently . Think about:

  1. Neighborhood investigation: Visiting relevant neighborhoods and locations, asking residents questions, etc.
  2. Open source investigation: There are many open sources such as judicial systems and government services where we can gather information.
  3. Digital forensic investigation: Everyone leaves traces, including the missing or wanted person you are looking for.
  4. Trace research: In addition to digital traces, we can also look for tangible evidence and leads to locate the person.

After the investigation, a final report will be compiled in which all results will be made transparent. This includes relevant data, photo and video material and other evidence.

Within the legal limits

It is important to realize that Edelhardt detective agency always carries out its work within the limits of the law. We strictly adhere to the privacy code of conduct as defined by law. An adult is not required by law to inform another of his or her place of residence. In other words; an adult person has the right to leave without notifying another . If we find a missing person, but the person in question does not want to be found, we must respect this choice.

Out of sight out of mind

There are several reasons why people go missing, there are also several reasons to track someone down. Often there are financial consequences to this, but there may also be private reasons. No loss has a pleasant starting point. At Edelhardt detective agency we always take into account the feelings of all parties involved , we work with integrity with the objective of a satisfactory solution.

For more information about tracing missing and wanted persons, contact us for a no-obligation interview.