Benefit fraud


Benefit fraud

In the social system as we use it in the Netherlands, awarding benefits is a good way to provide a safety net for people in (temporary) problems.

Unfortunately, there are people who use this safety net as a hammock . In that case we speak of benefit fraud , a nasty form of deception and fraud that affects society as a whole. Fortunately, benefit fraud can be reduced and resolved in many cases. Edelhardt detective agency can be of service in this regard by detecting and preventing payment fraud.

Fraud in the system

A social system with benefits only works when people are open and honest. Fortunately, most benefit recipients adhere to the rules and use benefits for which they are intended. Yet there are bad apples that abuse the system and wrongly receive benefits to which they are not entitled. These are some forms of benefit fraud that often occur:

Identity fraud:

There are different ways to establish someone’s identity. That is practical with identification, it can also pose risks. With one form of identification, the owner has access to many institutions. In the case of identity fraud, someone can wrongly collect benefits that are intended for someone else . Or receive a benefit that should not go to that person at all. Identity fraud can be from outside, unfortunately the offender is often someone in privacy. Edelhardt criminal investigation agency can detect these offenders.

Income fraud:

Tax is levied on income. That fits with our financial system. When people have sufficient income from work, they are not entitled to benefits, that goes without saying. Yet there are a number of residents who receive income from other sources in addition to a benefit and do not report this to the authorities. Edelhardt detective agency investigates whether someone has other income in addition to the benefit. This can be done by shading a person and collecting evidence.

Lifestyle fraud:

Married, divorced, cohabiting or single; there are plenty of forms of living together with their own financial consequences. A cohabiting couple has fewer costs for rent or mortgage, for example, this has consequences for benefits. In the case of lifestyle fraud, the correct way of living is not specified with the aim of receiving more benefits. Edelhardt detective agency can investigate whether the living situation on paper matches reality

Collaborate with municipalities

Municipalities in the Netherlands carry out their own investigations into benefit fraud , yet this workload can be too large, which means that offenders slip through the net. Edelhardt Recherchebureau works in close collaboration with the municipality and official authorities to detect benefit fraud and to gather sufficient evidence to take action. This is done in the following way:

  1. A plan of action is drawn up in consultation with the client, with a clear quotation being prepared so that the client knows exactly what the costs are.
  2. People can be observed or followed, evidence can be collected such as photos of violations.
  3. Neighborhood research can reveal information that people themselves do not want to submit. It goes without saying that we use a very discreet approach.
  4. A digital investigation can provide a lot of information, fraudsters often leave digital traces with which benefit fraud can be traced.

In all investigations, the Edelhardt Recherche team naturally complies with legislation and privacy regulations . In addition to an ethical way of working, it is also important to collect valid evidence that can be used in any subsequent proceedings .

Benefit fraud can have a major impact on society, it is a bill that we all ultimately have to pay. Edelhardt criminal investigation agency is happy to help municipalities and authorities to detect fraud and stop benefit fraud.