Detection of listening devices

Detection of listening devices

When detecting eavesdropping equipment , the location, the organization and the transfer of confidential information are considered in particular . For example, when there is a meeting room where many confidential conversations are conducted, this space must be scanned for the presence of eavesdropping devices. Smartphones can be equipped with eavesdropping equipment, via hardware in the telephone itself and also via software that is installed remotely. A smartphone is, after all, a portable computer and microphone .

In addition to locating eavesdropping devices in an office, this can also take place in the car or in the home. Wherever confidential information is shared and in places where employees in senior positions work. In addition to eavesdropping equipment being installed, personal belongings can be used to eavesdrop on employees.

More openness through detection of listening devices

It is not pleasant to always look over your shoulder. By having your room and equipment scanned for eavesdropping equipment, you can speak freely, exchange ideas and express your creativity carefree. Industrial espionage and the use of eavesdropping devices are more self-evident in some sectors than you may suspect. A study by the specialists at Edelhardt Recherchebureau offers certainty and freedom of thought and action.

More insight into listening devices

The first step to a safe workplace is insight into the risks. Edelhardt Recherchebureau not only carries out inspections, we also provide instruction and information to staff. The structure of the company is screened and employees receive relevant information and tips to minimize the chance of eavesdropping. If you notice a (possible) breach of privacy, you can contact the team at Edelhardt Recherchebureau directly. We are immediately available and arrive quickly when a potential leak is detected.

For more information about locating eavesdropping devices within your organization, please contact Edelhardt Recherchebureau. We always work discreetly and respect your privacy.