Sick leave and absenteeism


Control absenteeism and absenteeism

In every organization with employees there is absence due to illness. This is usually arranged and checked through a professional health and safety organization. For an organization with a large number of employees, control may be inadequate, some employees may escape attention.

Absenteeism and absenteeism can cost a lot of money on an annual basis and disrupt operational management. There are people who abuse a lack of control, they miss work while they are not really sick or write hours that are not worked. As an employer, it can be difficult to prove whether an employee is actually ill or employed, and whether they meet the set conditions. Then Edelhardt Recherchebureau offers the solution with specialists who track down sick leave and work absenteeism quickly and efficiently. With the evidence obtained you can start a follow-up procedure with confidence.

Sick leave and absenteeism

Unfortunately, absenteeism and absenteeism often occur in the Netherlands. In the case of sickness absence, it can be a matter of employees who are not really ill, but who have made other plans in private life or stay at home longer than necessary. In the case of absenteeism, it is often a matter of hours that are registered, but in which no work has taken place or external agreements that do not take place. This type of absence often does not come to light or comes to light. It is possible that this type of absence will continue for years. In a number of cases there is another reason, such as a personal conflict or negligence.

Default makes the company bleed

Many organizations lack the resources and expertise to perform thorough research . There is no time to track absenteeism and absenteeism and looking back is often not an option in these hectic times. In the meantime, your company suffers considerable financial damage, it is like a tap that continues to leak. Absenteeism and absenteeism can have a major impact on the bottom line of any company.

Basis of trust

In addition to the capacity to conduct research, trust also plays an important role. You want to pursue an atmosphere of trust within the organization with personal responsibility. By openly conducting checks, the working atmosphere and motivation can be soured. Accusing employees of sick leave and absence from work unfounded not only leads to conflicts, it can also have legal consequences. Blind trust can have major consequences for the stability and safety within the company.

Building up a personnel file

At Edelhardt Recherchebureau we use different methods to detect abusive absence in an inconspicuous and effective manner. Based on the results, a complete and comprehensive file is built up of your employees that can be used in a dismissal procedure or during a lawsuit.

Precautionary actions

In addition to tracing abusive absenteeism , Edelhardt Recherchebureau can also offer assistance in the prevention of absenteeism and absenteeism. The advisers at Edelhardt act as a sparring partner for your HRM employees and provide advice to detect, reduce and prevent absence. In this case you can take the saying “prevention is better than cure” very literally.